Mental Health Tips


Here are some things that may help support a more positive mental state of mind.  What may seem simple, has proven to be an effective way of taking care of our minds.  Try picking one thing from the list to start with, so not to overwhelm yourself, and stick to it for 2 weeks before adding another.  


  1. Eat Well
  • Eating a balanced diet with regular meal times and reducing alcohol intake helps to make you feel better, both body & mind.
  1. Sleep
  • Getting enough sleep can be difficult but can vastly improve your mental well being as being properly rested prepares your mind and body for another day. Try pillow sprays with lavender or herbal remedies and herbal teas, avoid alcohol and caffeine late at night.
  1. Exercise
  • Exercise releases endorphins which raise your mood in the short term as well as giving you a goal (see .3 & .7).  Try walking in the fresh air for at least 10 minutes a day, or perhaps if you feel you can, try 30 minutes of CV in a gym at least 3 times a week.
  1. Partake in something you enjoy / or a hobby
  • Taking time out of your day to do something you enjoy helps to clear your mind and will give you something to focus on / feel proud of.
  1. Meditate / Mindfulness
  • Being in the here and now, helps to alleviate negative thoughts from past situations, helps with clearing your mind, and reduces stress. Try 10 minutes a day of guided meditation, this can be found on the Internet.  Try joining a yoga class.
  1. Change your scenery / Take a break
  • Getting out and about is a great way to clear your mind and you can use mindfulness to fully be in the moment.
  1. Connect with others
  • Connecting with family &/or friends is a great way to build a positive self image, friends and family are support networks that can help you to feel valued as a person too.  There are also great places in our local town kettering, like Johnny's Happy Place that welcome you with a warm and friendly environment.
  1. Challenge yourself
  • Set a new goal, be it hobby / interest related or something like a fitness related goal, working towards this and then achieving your goals gives you a great sense of achievement and reward, start small and work towards bigger goals. Also writing small achievable lists each day, and ticking them off as you go, gives a great positive feeling and sense of achievement.
  1. Ask for help
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, nobody can or is expected to do anything on their own.  We are always here to help and support you, along with local groups for support and networking.
  1. Identify mood ‘triggers’
  • keep a mood diary and see if you can identify triggers for when you start to feel down, then when you’re aware of these triggers you can take steps to eliminate these triggers as best as you can.